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A medium-sized deathmatch level for 3 - 8 players. A stone-and-metal themed level, with classic Quake and gothic Quake 3:Arena influences, set under a night sky.

A long time ago, I saw a screenshot for some old Quake level. I can't remember the name of the level, or where I saw it, but it gave me the inspiration to begin this map. Initially, I created the main atrium using various stone/metal textures I had lying around on my harddrive, with the gothic maps of Q3A in mind. After deciding on this basic theme for the level, I developed it further by customising some of the textures, and creating new ones, to achieve the look I was visualising.

It was originally designed as a 1-vs-1 map, but I expanded it from the initial version as time went on. It therefore has more of a cat-and-mouse style of play than 'fast and furious' when used as a tourney map, given that there is a fair amount of space to move around in.

[ DOWNLOAD ] - FFA version

[ DOWNLOAD ] - Team-DM version

Main atrium Red armour atrium
Bloodpit chamber Megahealth atrium