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I wrote the reviews listed below for the 'Level of the Week' feature at PlanetQuake.

12:NOV:2002 - TORN GLORY by Dan 'CardO' Shannon [DM]

After more than a year in development, Torn Glory offers sure proof that good things come to those who wait. This is indeed an outstanding piece of work, and will certainly serve as a marker for Q2DM map standards which - thanks to authors like CardO - have been pushed ever higher over the years. More...

29:OCT:2002 - RIGOR MORTIS by Dirkjan 'Pan' Bloot [DM]

As a textbook example of what to do right in designing a DM level, Rigor Mortis is one map that is sure to satisfy all your Free-For-All needs. Gather together up to eight or so of your fragging buddies, and spawn yourselves into this decaying, windswept arena for some fast-playing deathmatch fun. More...

16:JUL:2002 - WORLDS BETWEEN THE MARGIN by Shaun 'Kona' Ross [DM]

With what passes for summer in the UK (we just had a sunny weekend...), a young man's thoughts turn inevitably to love, Quake and fragging. Kona's latest deathmatch offering for Quake2 satisfies two out of these three, and that ain't bad at all. In fact, in this case, it's rather good. More...

18:JUN:2002 - THE GOTH by Robert '$ilver@cer' Boom [DM]

The Goth, the author's fourth level, has been cooking for several months now. After a final burst of frantic mapping during the last week or so, it has been unleashed upon the world. And it's been well worth the wait. With just about the best use of the Ogro texture set I've seen yet, $ilver@cer has created a superbly atmospheric hell-hole in which to frag your sanity away. More...

04:JUN:2002 - KRYPTONITE by Dirkjan 'Pan' Bloot [DM]

The kind of combat that tends to occur in this case will not usually be the fast and brutal 'twitch' affair that we see in certain other maps. Intead, you're treated to the kind of cat-and-mouse fight that requires you to use all of your tactical knowledge of the level, combined with some fast and hard thinking, to ensure victory. More...

14:MAY:2002 - THE LLAMA TOMB by Shon 'Maric' Shaffer [DM]

Maric has the enviable trait of being able to produce quality maps in record time. Of his most recently-released batch of cool levels, I've limited myself to picking just one to showcase here; a tough choice. Designed for about 4 - 16 players, this FFA map will stay on your hard-drive for a long time to come. More...

23:APR:2002 - UNDERGROUND by Alan 'Requiem' Scott [DM]

This week's gem is a map that's perfect for some vicious 1-on-1 action. Everything about this level is geared towards one thing only: complete ownage of your opponent. It's terrific fun, and gets played at just about every LAN tourney session we have. More...

02:APR:2002 - SATYR by Shaun 'Kona' Ross [SP]

It's been a while since we saw a Single-Player map reviewed here as Level of the Week. Well, I'm here to give you the good news - Saytr fills this gap with style, and then some. [Kona] has produced a variety of maps for all three Quakes, and his design experience clearly shows in this frantic level that pits you against nearly 200 Strogg in a Norse/Medieval setting. More...

19:MAR:2002 - VERTICAL JOYRIDE by Chris 'Kanaeda' Voss [DM]

The first thing that strikes you after running around is that the level seems much wider than the 1200x1200 limitation suggests it should be. This is a testament to the skill with which Kanaeda has laid the map out - hallways, ante-chambers, lifts and drop-shafts wind around and through the main atrium and basement to provide a wealth of connectivity. More...