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Build up your score by holding on to the jalapeno for as long as possible!


At the start of the level, the jalapeno is spawned near the deathmatch spawn point farthest from the players. It is currently represented by the pyramid key with a red shell. Once a player has picked up the jalapeno, they cannot drop it until they die. They are surrounded by a yellow glow and emit a trail of sparks and smoke, due to the heat from the jalapeno...and so you know who to shoot at :)

The player carrying the jalapeno gains one bonus frag every 10 seconds. The jalapeno carrier loses 1 health point every 1 second (due to its heat). For every extra minute that a player holds the jalapeno they lose an extra health point (cumulative), up to a maximum loss of 10 health points per second (ie. after 9 minutes)...so get fragging!

The jalapeno carrier cannot pick up the following items:
- any type of health (including adrenaline and megahealth)
- quad powerup
- invulnerability powerup
- any type of armour
but any armour or powerup that a player has when they pick up the jalapeno will be kept until it runs out.

When dishing out damage, the jalapeno carrier gains health equal to [0.5 * health removed from an opponent], although any extra damage that causes the opponent's health to go negative is not counted. For example, say you rail some llama down from 40 health to -60, whilst you're carrying the jalapeno. You may smile sweetly as their gibs rain down, but you'll only get a maximum of 20 health points for it, not 50. The maximum health of the jalapeno carrier is increased to 150.

A player receives 5 frags for killing the jalapeno carrier, and 1 frag for killing other players. The jalapeno carrier receives 1 frag as normal for killing other players, but loses 5 frags if they kill themselves (suicide, lava, drowning, trapped, etc).

If not picked up within 20 seconds of being dropped onto a solid surface by a (killed) player, the jalapeno is respawned near the farthest DM spawn point from the players. If the jalapeno falls into lava or slime, it is respawned near the farthest DM spawn point from the players within 2 seconds.

The scoreboard indicates the current jalapeno carrier with a chilli icon by their name.


To spice things up even more...

- Weapon knockback is increased by 30% for the jalapeno holder. Now you can really toss your opponents (and yourself) around :)

- (Hyper)blaster bolts bounce off solid surfaces, so you can shoot round corners.

- Rocket-launcher and grenade-launcher projectile speeds are much faster than in standard Q2.

- Hand-held grenades function as 'detpipes'. Once thrown, they can be remotely detonated within a 30-second time limit, using the command 'cmd detpipes'. These grenades are silent once thrown, ie. they do not give off that warning/ticking sound. The detpipes will stick to the floor, ceiling and walls, and explode on contact as well.

Note: this mod ONLY works in deathmatch mode - it will crash if you try to start it in single-player mode.

Thanks to [VCD]Snake and [VCD]Pyrrus for the Linux version.

[ DOWNLOAD ] - Windows version

[ DOWNLOAD ] - Linux version