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A small space/void deathmatch level for 2 - 4 players. Ideal for slower-paced, cat-and-mouse style 1v1 matches.

This level was originally inspired by the 3D chess game from the Star Trek series. It has lost some (a lot?!) of this semblance through the evolution the map has undergone since its first incarnation. The strong vertical element to the play remains though - that was the essence I had wanted to capture from the start.

The vertical layout means that the level can be quite unforgiving on movement mistakes :) Once you have that part sussed, though, you can move around the level fairly quickly. The layout also provides plenty of cover against the dude with the railgun - unless you're too slow.

The lasers you see between some of the platforms will only singe you rather than being instantly fatal (unless you're very low on health). They are there as decoration, not as traps.


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