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A 1-vs-1 tournament deathmatch level combining long fire-corridors with frantic close-quarters combat. Gameflow is fast, and the level plays very well with Gladiator bots. Various shortcuts exist for those who can rocket-, ramp-, circle- and strafe-jump.

The weathered arena lies desolate under the blood-red Stroggos sunset, battered through decades of relentless deathmatching. Although it has seen better days, it remains the ideal place to settle personal differences...Quake style.

This level contains a powerup called the 'power screen'. For those players unfamiliar with this item, it's basically a toned-down version of the infamous power shield. The power screen absorbs much less damage than the shield, and then only from frontal attacks. To use this powerup, you need to bind a key to "use power screen".


RL atrium RL atrium - power screen tunnel
MH/YA atrium - a meeting place for all :)