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A simple Q2 mod with the following features...


Remember those old games of Doom on the 'Nightmare' setting? Well, now you get the same experience with single-player Quake 2. You just can't keep a good Strogg down - several seconds after you've trashed them, they'll spring back to life to continue the fight. Turn SP games into truly insane missions!


The SP monsters can be used in DM games. Mappers can build levels that pit players against the Strogg hordes as well as each other for that extra-frantic deathmatch action. Players gain frags for killing monsters according to the appropriate 'monster_score' cvar - e.g. bringing down Jorg gets you a lot more than just nailing a mere soldier. Also, players lose a frag if they are killed by a Strogg. Monsters can resurrect if desired, as for the SP game.


Server admins and single-players can customise the monsters for SP and DM games using console variables, thereby allowing the level of difficulty to be set according to taste. Modifiable attributes include health, weapon damage and projectile speeds; the player stats can be likewise altered.


Mappers can add a few more entities to their levels to help improve gameplay and atmosphere:

- The item_powerjump powerup allows players to jump much higher, and makes them immune to falling damage.

- Multiple teleporter destinations can exist with the same targetname. Teleporters that target them will send the player to a randomly-selected destination in the group. Useful for throwing off pursuers when low on health!

- The Makron can now be placed as a separate monster entity into a map.

- The target_drip entity produces dripping blood and water effects.

- The trigger_ gendernoise entity plays a sound file according to the gender of the player triggering it (useful for falling in space/void maps).

Thanks to [VCD]Snake and [VCD]Pyrrus for the Linux version.

[ DOWNLOAD ] - Windows version

[ DOWNLOAD ] - Linux version