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A medium-sized gothic map suitable for up to about 8 players in a lovely FFA carnage-fest, or as a 4v4 team-DM level.

Being a fan of the Q3A gothic maps, I was blown away when the Freshteam released their excellent "Gothic Ressurection" map pack and brought this atmospheric theme to Quake 2. Since then, I've been itching to make a level using those textures - and I finally gave into that temptation.

I made the conscious decision to push the Q2 engine somewhat for this map, with the result that it is very much aimed at OpenGL mode users. I experimented with Q3A shader-type effects (seen in the
Star Wars Quake mod) which require a 3D card to work. The level of detail also means that r_speeds tend towards 600 - 800 in most places, peaking at around 1000.

The Quad chamber can be reached through the fire screen (a teleporter) that lies below the rocket launcher in the main atrium. You can either rocket-jump up there, or circle-jump from a nearby ledge. If you can't do either, then (a) I sugggest you practice, and (b) you probably shouldn't be using the Quad anyway in case ya hurt yourself =P


Main atrium Outside area
RA chamber RG bridge