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This level was inspired by Quake3:Arena's The Longest Yard and Unreal Tournament's DM:Morpheus; I wanted to play something along those lines for Quake 2 whilst waiting for Q3A to be released.

The level consists of a tower surrounded by several multi-tier platforms, floating in the dark void. Jump pads, combined with half-normal gravity, allow for fast movement around the map. The open nature also results in multiple routes between points to cut off or ambush your opponents.

Due to the limitations of the Quake 2 engine as regards large, open spaces, I had to simplify the architecture in order to keep the r_speeds within reasonable limits. They reach a maximum of about 700 in some places, but otherwise stay around the 200-400 mark. I concentrated instead on the flow of the map to give involving gameplay. As a result, the map plays quite fast even with a 1-on-1 match. There are five spawn points, and five would certainly be the maximum number of players before the level starts to become crowded, and ammunition scarce.

Two computer panels located inside and near the top of the tower will flash an alert when someone makes a run for the quad. This means "whip out the railgun and get ready to pick off that blue bastard" >:)

The zip file includes custom textures for the jump pads and teleporter, and a custom sky (well, it's just black - not exactly hard to make).
2001 version: originally released on 09 Dec 1999, this level has been updated for use with the Monsta Mod to include the Icarus monsters from the SP game. Whilst I had the editor open, I couldn't resist tweaking the item placement and retexturing it to give it a fresher look.

[ DOWNLOAD ] - original version

[ DOWNLOAD ] - 2001 version

Tower top Inside the tower
Red armour platform Quad platform